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Whether you’re making room for new pieces, decluttering, or moving to a new place, furniture removal is often a challenge. At Liberty Junk Removal, we make the process simpler. We make sure that your unwanted furniture is managed in the most eco-friendly way and aligned with Philadelphia’s commitment to sustainability.ย 

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Transparent Pricing for Furniture Removal

While many factors can influence the cost of furniture removal – from the size of the piece to its location in your home – Liberty Junk Removal stands by its commitment to honest, transparent pricing. After assessing the furniture you wish to dispose of, we provide a clear, no-obligation quote, and rest assured there are no surprise fees.ย Check our page for our updated price list.

You only need to pay for the space your furniture occupies in our truck. No less. No more.

Possible Environmental Impacts of Improper Furniture Disposal

Furniture can occupy a significant amount of room. But beyond the physical space they consume, many elements in furniture, if not correctly disposed of, can pose environmental hazards.

Here are some:ย 

Wood and Particle Board

Treated wood or particle board often contains chemicals and adhesives. If dumped in landfills, these can seep into the ground and contaminate soil and water sources.

Foam and Padding

Found in mattresses, sofas, and cushions, these materials can take decades to break down. Moreover, some foam contains flame retardants, which, when released, can disrupt animal and human endocrine systems.

Metal Components

While metals like iron and steel are recyclable, if they rust and degrade in landfills, they can release toxins into the soil.


Parts like handles, knobs, and protective covers, when not recycled, contribute to the global plastic waste issue and take centuries to decompose.

Glass and Mirrors

If not recycled, shards can pose hazards to wildlife. Additionally, treated or painted glass may contain harmful chemicals that can leach into the environment.

Textiles and Leather

Synthetic textiles can take a long time to degrade while tanning agents used in leather can be harmful if they infiltrate natural water sources.

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Why Liberty Stands Out for Furniture Removal?

Lifting, transporting, and deciding the fate of old furniture can be challenging. Liberty Junk Removal understands the difficulties of this process. Our experienced team not only removes the furniture but also assesses the best way to give it a second life, be it through donation or recycling. Our dedication ensures that as much as 80% of the items we collect are kept out of landfills.

Scheduling Made Easy with Liberty

We respect your time and have streamlined our booking process to reflect that. Here’s how it works:

  • Get a Quote: No hidden fees, just straightforward pricing.
  • Select a Time: We understand how valuable your time is; choose a pickup date that suits you (or it can be on the day you call).
  • Relax, We’ll Handle the Rest: Our team arrives equipped and ready. Whether you book online or prefer the personal touch of a phone call, we’re here to make furniture removal fast and easy.
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FAQs – Furniture Removal Philadelphia

How Can I Be Sure My Old Furniture Doesnโ€™t Just End Up in a Landfill?

At Liberty Junk Removal, our commitment to the environment means prioritizing donation or recycling. In Philly, a city that’s continuously pushing for green initiatives, our eco-friendly approach resonates with its residents.

Whenever we collect old furniture, our first consideration is whether it can be repurposed. By partnering with local charities and community centers, we strive to donate furniture that’s still in good shape. For items that are beyond repair or reuse, we opt for recycling, extracting valuable materials, and ensuring they’re processed correctly. 

I Have Furniture on the Top Floor of My Home; Can You Handle That?

One of the major challenges homeowners face when considering furniture removal is lifting heavy, awkward items down stairwells and through narrow corridors. Our team at Liberty Junk Removal is expertly trained to handle such situations. We have specialized equipment and techniques to ensure the safe and efficient removal of furniture from any floor in your home. So, whether it’s a sofa in the basement or a wardrobe on the third floor, we’ve got you covered.

Should I Take Apart My Furniture Before You Get Here?

There’s no need for you to lift a finger before we arrive. We understand that taking apart furniture can be time-consuming and, at times, confusing. When you choose Liberty Junk Removal, youโ€™re opting for a hassle-free experience.ย 

Our team is trained to manage disassembly as needed. From beds to bookshelves, we ensure that each piece is handled with care to minimize disruption to your day. It’s all part of our commitment to making furniture removal as simple and stress-free as possible for our clients.

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Choose Liberty Junk Removal for All Your Furniture Disposal Needs

Reclaim your space and enjoy peace of mind, knowing your furniture is being handled responsibly by a premier junk removal company. Make room for new appliances or upholsteries with just a few clicks. Call Liberty Junk Removal, and we’ll haul away your furniture on the dot.